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Probation Violation Defense in San Antonio, Texas

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What Happens When You Violate Probation?

What if someone breaks probation? Are you automatically sent to jail? These are questions often playing on people’s minds in a probation situation. Probation violations happen when you break the conditions or terms of your probation. 
If you violate them, you will receive a warning or request to appear in court. In court, a judge will determine if the probation was violated. A sentencing judge will hear your case and decide what was violated. Get the help you need for probation violation with our team today.

How Probation Can Be Violated

When it comes to probation violations, every state law varies. Typically, a judge will consider how you violated probation first. Some situations that could lead to a probation violation include not appearing for a scheduled court appearance, not reporting to your probation officer or drug possession. 
It can also be considered a probation violation if you visit certain places or people without permission from your probation officer. To get more information on what might be considered a violation, speak to us today.

Knowing Your Legal Rights

Are you trying to understand a violation charge? Sometimes it can be difficult to understand what your rights actually are. With Raymond Martinez Attorney at Law, we can help you minimize or avoid additional penalties. 
You may have the right to receive a written notice of claimed violations against you, be heard by a judge in court and have a right to an attorney. That’s where we come in. Let us help you reduce any penalties and ease your stress. 

Penalties and Punishment for Violating Probation

If you have broken probation, there are penalties and punishments to be aware of. Some of the lighter consequences may include community service, boot camp or other behavioral programs. More serious punishments are paying large fines or facing jail time. Either way, you need a great attorney behind you. Schedule an appointment with our office today.