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Criminal Defense Attorneys in San Antonio, TX

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Developing a Strategy

Are you involved in a criminal case? Whether you are facing a white-collar crime, a DUI or any violent crime charges, you need a strong strategy. People who don’t understand their rights usually end up confused and stressed. Even if you know the basics, it’s still important to rely on someone who can form a good legal plan. You can count on Raymond Martinez Attorney at Law to develop the best plan for you.

Know When to Talk

Most people know they have the right to remain silent. However, there are circumstances in which it is actually better to talk. Most police officers want to help you out. They are primarily concerned with making your community safer. That is why you need to have a good attorney backing you up. Our experienced staff can advise you on when to volunteer information or when to stay quiet. Reach out to us today to review your case. 

criminal defense law San Antonio, TX

What If Your Loved One Is Arrested?​

There’s no way around it. Having a loved one arrested is a hard experience from every angle. In these cases, we recommend that you always speak with an attorney first. It will make the situation much easier if you have someone who understands the legal system. Calling us can reduce the amount of strain on you. We will investigate, conduct interviews and discuss your options for negotiation. You don’t have to do this alone. We are here to help. 

Take the First Step

No matter what situation you might be facing, the first thing you need is a good lawyer. You can get a free review of your case with Raymond Martinez Attorney at Law. Our staff is happy to schedule you in as soon as possible. Call us today to get your free consultation.