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24 Hour Bail Bonds in San Antonio, TX

Also Serving Bexar County and the Surrounding 

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Getting You out of Jail

You are in a jail cell. It’s cold and boring and you just want to get out of there as quickly as possible. To get out of jail once you have been brought in by police, you will need to provide bail. We can get you out quickly and efficiently. There’s nothing worse than staying in jail longer than you have to. We’ll ensure that you are out in a hurry.

What Is a Bail Bond?​

Once you have been booked, there’s only one thing to do. Wait. You will probably hear the police officer give you an option for a bail bond. A bail bond is a bond given by the defendant’s attorney to ensure compliance. This promises that the defendant will show up in court as directed. We can draft these up quickly. We know the clock is ticking, and we promise to get you the bail bond fast.

24-Hour Bail Bond

Generally, when someone is arrested, they are entitled to bail. Bail can be paid with cash or a bail bond. After they have given you that option, you are given the opportunity to call a lawyer. You can call us to get you the immediate 24-hour jail release with a written bail bond. There will always be someone available to help you out. Call our office immediately to get the bail bond you need.

Call 24/7

The time spent in jail can be long and dull. The biggest thing with bonds is that you are facing a deadline. That’s why you can call our office at any time. No matter how late or early the hour is, you will be able to reach us. We understand the need for urgency with time-sensitive issues. Call us to have the bond drafted for you at any time.