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Motion to Revoke in San Antonio, Texas

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If you have been convicted of a crime in Texas or pleaded guilty of charges, there is a possibility that the judge will grant you community supervision. This is another term for probation. When a judge grants you this chance, there will be specific things you have to do in a specific time period. If you violate any of the terms of probation, you might face a motion to revoke. While you can always depend on Raymond Martinez Attorney at Law for help, understanding some basic information will be helpful.

What Happens If a Motion to Revoke Has Been Filed?

When a motion to revoke has been filed, this means that the district attorney is trying to send you to jail. Think of a probation as your second chance. The district attorney puts a motion to revoke in place if you have violated that second chance. Our team understands this can be an overwhelming situation to deal with. That’s why you can call us if you are facing a motion to revoke. We will use our expertise to help you.

How to Fight a Motion to Revoke

Facing a motion to revoke can be tense. It could be easy to feel that you are out of options. However, with Raymond Martinez Attorney at Law, you do have options. We have extensive knowledge about probation violation cases, so we understand how to help. No matter what the case may be, you will always have the opportunity to present defenses. In some cases, we may be able to negotiate on your behalf. Either way, we believe it’s important that you are represented fairly. 

Receive the Best Outcome

You can rely on our team to find the best solution for you. We strive to find a way to make things easier for you. Give our office a call today to get the help you’re looking for.