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Probate Law in San Antonio, Texas

Last Will and Testment document

What Is Probate?

People don’t like to discuss death, but unfortunately, it’s inevitable. It makes it much easier on everyone if you make arrangements for your property and money beforehand. When you die, things are divided up among your descendants. Probate is the legal process used to divide up the assets and debts. Our team understands it’s not the easiest thing to think about. That’s why you need us by your side. We’ll walk you through the process so that you don’t have any unnecessary stress.

Probate Basics

Dividing up assets and possessions can give you a headache. Most people spend their time trying to avoid probate because things can be contested or uncontested. However, we can help you simplify the process. The basic process of probating an estate comprises of paying any debts, collecting the probate property and settling any disputes. This process doesn’t have to be tedious. Let us help you make the process easier. Start with your free initial consultation today. 

Is a Will Necessary?

After someone dies, it’s impossible to know what they would’ve wanted. That’s why you do need a will. A will is an official way of writing your wishes of how you want everything distributed when you die. This will help the process run smoothly when the time comes to divvy up your things. Don’t let these affairs get too messy. Allow us to help you write a will so there won’t be any confusion when the time comes to use your will.

Finding the Best Solution for You 

Ultimately, we will do whatever we can to ensure that the probate process is easy and quick. We’ll discuss the best options for you without taking up too much time. You can get the help you need by scheduling your free consultation today.