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Felony Defense in San Antonio, Texas

How Serious Is a Felony?

Facing a felony is considered the most serious offense throughout the United States. In many states, felonies are separated into distinct classifications. Depending on your situation, you are most likely facing a fine or imprisonment. Sometimes you are dealing with both. 
If you have a felony charge, you can rely on us to help. We will listen to your case and determine how to reduce punishment. To review specific felony laws, please schedule an appointment with our office today.

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Expertise You Can Trust

Felony charges can be overwhelming. The most important thing is to find a defense attorney that knows what they’re doing. We have been in business since 1986. Thanks to our years of experience, we know our stuff. If you need help with your case, you can call us knowing that we have the knowledge needed to help. No matter what your circumstances are, we are dedicated to serving.


Finding an attorney can be stressful. You need someone who is not only knowledgeable but caring. Attorneys like that can be difficult to find. Here at Raymond Martinez Attorney at Law, we always do our best to help our clients. We strive to stand out by taking the time needed to get you the results you want. We do this because we care. It’s important to find an attorney that is willing to go the extra mile. Call us today to find an attorney that’s right for you.

Free Consultation

The first step for you is finding the right lawyer. We are here for you. To get your process started, you can get a free initial consultation today. We’ll listen to your case and help you form a plan of action. For more information, please call our office today.