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Charged With Methamphetamine Possession? Here's What You Need to Know

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Texas takes its drug laws seriously. If you are being charged with methamphetamine possession in Texas, you may face serious legal consequences. You are right to be concerned. Meth is a highly addictive substance, and the chronic use of methamphetamines has been associated with increases in violence and crime.
Texas police are trying to step up and stop meth use from permeating the state because the manufacturing and distribution of meth is a growing problem in Texas. You will find that the courts are active in pursuing cases like yours because they want to see the drug off the streets.
Methamphetamine charges are serious for a reason. Meth is not only dangerous to use but also dangerous to manufacture. Those who manufacture the drug at home are putting others at risk. If you are facing charges for meth, this guide will help you decide what steps you need to take next, whether you decide to plead guilty or hire a strong defense attorney.

The Laws for Possession of Meth in Texas

Methamphetamine is a serious concern for Texas lawmakers, which means that having even a small amount of meth is a serious crime. In fact, meth is part of the top tier of dangerous drugs according to state laws.
Laws are often more strict for distribution and manufacturing of methamphetamine because distribution has a higher likelihood of causing harm to others.
The laws are less strict for paraphernalia associated with methamphetamine. Needles are one common example of paraphernalia, but pipes and even hollow pens may be enough to get a paraphernalia charge added onto possession charges.

The Punishments for Possession of Meth in Texas

If you are found with less than one gram of meth in Texas, you could be facing a felony charge and up to two years in prison. The fines associated with a conviction could range up to $10,000. The punishment for drug paraphernalia associated with meth is similarly levied.
Individuals convicted of having between two and four grams of meth may face up to 10 years in prison. The fine may also steepen as the amount of the substance increases. And possessing more than four grams of meth could lead to spending 20 years behind bars, but in cases where individuals possess hundreds of grams, the punishment could be life imprisonment.
If you are a first-time offender, you may be eligible for drug court. Under the laws associated with drug court, you may be required to attend a treatment program, maintain employment, and pass drug tests at random.

The Defense for Possession of Meth in Texas

With a strong defense, you could find yourself facing less severe charges and consequences. Lawyers may be able to work with the evidence you have to minimize charges. Building a defense for meth possession may involve trying to demonstrate that the arresting officers did something illegal.
Your lawyer will look for signs of entrapment, for instance. The officers could have also planted a substance on your person or in your property. Most cases involving meth possession in Texas will result in a plea bargain rather than a trial. A lawyer can facilitate the process to ensure that you are receiving a fair deal.
A private attorney can benefit you in the long run. Drug possession charges can affect your ability to rent a home or land a good job. Your attorney will help you fight unfair charges. Raymond Martinez Attorney at Law offers effective legal counsel. When you are unsure how to proceed with your drug possession charges, you can fight back. Call us today to set up a consultation.